The Root

Padmasambhava (“Born from a Lotus”; Sanskrit: पद्मसम्भव, IAST: Padmasambhava ; Tibetan: པདྨ་འབྱུང་གནས།, Wylie: pad+ma ‘byung gnas (EWTS); Mongolian ловон Бадмажунай, lovon Badmajunai ;Chinese: 莲花生大士; simplified Chinese: 莲花生大士; traditional Chinese: 蓮花生大士; pinyin: Liánhuāshēngdàshì), also known as Guru Rinpoche (गुरु रिनपोचे), incarnated as a fully enlightened being, as foretold by Buddha Shakyamuni.[1] Padmasambhava is

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The Wasteland

A typical European car is parked 92% of the time. It spends 1/5th of its driving time looking for parking. Its 5 seats only move 1.5 people. 86% of its

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Spiritual Sign Language

Be very, very careful of naked truth-telling. Pointing out spiritual fakery does not earn one lots of friends and supporters. Look what it did to Jesus: He arrives in the

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Monking in the Digital Age

I ordained in 1992. Facebook was still 12 years away; social media did not exist yet. Google and YouTube were not yet even a glint in someone’s dystopian fever-dream. So,

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