Identity-Politics and Zen

Zen Master Seung Sahn on the issue of gender equality and identity: One day, the American Zen practitioner, Barbara Rhodes, was speaking with her teacher about the situation with women

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예수, 부처, 보시

“예수께서 헌금함 맞은쪽에 앉아서, 무리가 어떻게 헌금함에 돈을 넣는가를 보고 계셨다. 많이 넣는 부자가 여럿 있었다. 그런데 가난한 과부 한 사람은 와서, 렙돈 두 닢 곧 한 고드란트를 넣었다. 예수께서

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Saṃsāra is a Sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world”, with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. It also refers to the concept of rebirth and “cyclicality of all life,

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Kyol Che is Coming

Teaming up with the great Matt Semke, and benefitting mostly from his genius, we designed this ad for last year’s 90-day Winter Kyol Che. The teaching of the ad is

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