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Regensburg Cathedral Yesterday/Today

Exactly one year ago today… …and just this morning, right after sunrise… Photos are by a local Regensburg resident, Rudolf Rinner, who posts photos of our beautiful UNESCO-listed home city

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What Sees This?

A day in the moment of a retreat at Zen Center Regensburg e.V A stunning video by Jayoon Choi/times3, shot during a winter retreat.

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Vineyard Stupa Monk

A good dharma friend Boep Jeon Sunim has built this stupendous stupa in Grafenwörth, Austria. It’s in an active vineyard and (until recently) protected district in the Danube River valley,

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You Must Become Completely Crazy

…meaning, “free.” Jon Habat-Zinn is one of Dae Soen Sa Nim’s original Western students. Later, he went on to use his meditation work in the service of helping patients afflicted

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A Zen Retreat

Many people wonder what it is like to sit a Zen retreat. And others question whether an urban Zen center can ever possibly convey the depth of mountain-temple experience in the middle of a thriving, throbbing city. Recently, the London-based artist Jayoon Choi came to Zen Center Regensburg to pursue her own intensive Zen study. After several retreats, she offered to capture the essence of the silent inwardly-seeking mind, using her skills as visual artist, trained at the Royal College of Art. This birthed several short filmic portrayals, one of which is “What Sees This?”

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