Zen Meditation: The Basics

In this one-of-a-kind online course, Zen Master Hyon Gak Sunim will guide you through an introduction to Zen Meditation. You will learn all the basics, as they are taught in the ancient temples of Asia, for establishing an authentic home-temple practice in your everyday life.


In this short video Hyon Gak Sunim gives an overview of the course

"Now more than ever WAKING UP is urgently important."

- Hyon Gak Sunim

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Course Curriculum

Sunim gives an overview of the course.


Sunim introduces students to Zen, discussing the Zen path and informing about what “Enlightenment” truly means.


Sunim talks about the different kinds of meditation that exist out in the world today. He delves deeply into the subject-object relationship and discusses how Zen meditation is different in that it is subject turning toward subject.


Sunim talks about meditation in everyday life. He also gives an in-depth account of a car accident he was in, recounting how in the moment he was calm and present.


Sunim prepares viewers to reflect on “the great question” and explores “don’t know mind” as a basis for our meditation practice.


Sunim helps you find the sitting posture that is right for you in your meditation practice. There is no single “perfect posture” for everyone. We must each find our own posture.


Sunim shows how standing can alleviate some of the aches and pains that emerge during practice. He instructs how to stand and sit back down properly during formal meditation.


Sunim describes the importance of keeping the eyes open during meditation. He discusses common problems one may face when maintaining open eyes and how to resolve them.


Sunim talks about how one should keep their hands during meditation practice – otherwise known as the mudra. He shows how the mudra is positioned in Zen meditation and explains its importance.


Sunim talks about one of the most important aspects of Zen meditation — the breath. He expresses the value of the breath and how it can change one’s life. He shows how to have a light awareness of the breath, and how simple it might be to leave it alone during practice.


Sunim explores the Great Question, which arises from the ones which all humans ask themselves: Why do we suffer, even those who are “good” to others? Why am I born into this world? Why must I die? What am I?


Sunim puts together everything he has discussed thus far. He gives a guided meditation and reemphasizes the significant aspects of Zen meditation.


Some final thoughts from Sunim, and an outlook on the in-depth work of a future course — The Novice Course. Most importantly, Sunim encourages the work of constantly watering your practice, until it blooms and takes deep root in your consciousness.


A Dharma Jewel: The Path of Sangha

Practicing alone can be very challenging. That is why, in the Zen tradition, there is emphasis on connecting one’s practice with other people: Sangha. Sunim gives some hints about upcoming functions which will help to support this dimension in your practice.


Hyon Gak Sunim’s version of the 500 year-old classic, “Beginner’s Mind,” by Zen Master Won Hyo.

Zen Master Won Hyo (617 – 686 CE) is one of the towering figures of Korean Zen. This essay is memorised by all “baby” nuns and monks when they first enter the monastery.

A comprehensive 14-part course in the fundamentals of Zen, as lived by Zen Master Hyon Gak Sunim in his 30+ years practicing and teaching Zen throughout the world.

It’s all the kit you really need to “only don’t know”.

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