Zen Meditation:

The Basics



In this short video 

Hyon Gak Sunim gives an overview of the course

Who is the Zen Basics Course for:

1. Beginners in meditation.
2. Experienced practitioners requiring a software upgrade in Zen.
3. Those wishing deeper connection to sangha practice.

What you will get from the Course:

See detailed curriculum below
1. Building a posture.
2. Detailed instructions on variations in the posture.
3. Becoming grounded in natural breathing.
4. Your first guided meditation with Sunim.
5. Full English transcript of the Course.
BONUS: Hyon Gak Sunim’s translation of the 500 year-old classic, “Beginner’s Mind,” by Zen Master Won Hyo

A comprehensive 14-part course in the fundamentals of Zen, as lived by Zen Master Hyon Gak Sunim in his 30+ years practicing and teaching Zen throughout the world.

It’s all the kit you really need to “only don’t know”.

Temple Training Fees: