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The Buddha established a clear symbiotic relationship between Teacher and Student, between monastics and laypeople. The nuns and monks begged for their material support, and in return, they gave teachings and blessings to the Donors. The monastic supports their followers’ minds by offering Dharma, and their disciples support the monastic through alms placed in the Offering Bowl.

This is an experiment. We are attempting to use digital/crowdsource platforms to continue this beautiful mutual relationship on this site. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

Hyon Gak Sunim offers his 30 years of intensive Zen practice to others, regardless of their ability to pay or not. He is not supported in his efforts by any organization or religious Order or temple. Sunim is a begging-monk. He is able to share these teachings only due to the generosity of others. If you wish to support his work, any donation you make will go directly toward his health insurance, his health costs, and other important living expenses.

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