Category: Visions

First Sun

Just a few hours after that first full moon rising over the eternal Parthenon, this first sun of the first lunar year rises just this morning in Walhalla, the temple

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First Moon

Yesterday was the first full moon of the year, pictured here rising last night over the symbolic seat of Western enlightenment-culture. This means that there is exactly one more “moon”

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Imagining We’re Stuck

Like so much that this artist en~ visions, pieces like this are not only great “art“, but they have disarmingly simple insight that is profound, pointing to the nature of

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No I

What’s so damn hard about that for people? Matt Semke //

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Artists Who I Love [ 2 ]

This work of Daniel Martin Diaz came to my attention quite recently. I immediately connected with his vision and his very powerful expression — the mood, the coloration, the medium,

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