Category: Teacher/Student Relationship

Misguided Students of the Way

Zen Master Bassui once said: How incredible! Today’s students of the Way are of inferior character, and their aspiration is superficial. They give no thought to the truth of the

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Vasek and Me

Vasek is the eldest son of my Dharma brother, Vasek Brabec, of Prague, and his wonderful wife, Florentina. He is a child of exquisite intelligence and perception. When his parents

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Simple Simple Job

I am just a tour guide. A glorified travel agent, and not much more. An exchange today with a new participant in our daily livestream on YouTube: It is really

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December 1, 2004

Carrying the coffin containing our Teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn (1927-2004), down the stairs from Hwa Gye Sah Temple one last time. Together with Mu Shim Sunim and Dae Soeng

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