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My Job

Basically, this is the training modality of a Zen retreat, in condensed form: Sometimes I’m the coach-guy, and the retreatants are the competitor; but what they don’t realize is that,

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Snapshot of a Real Revolution

Zen Center Regensburg, July 14, 2021, 5:58 am. Bastille Day — the beginning of the Age of Revolution. But what has really been attained through all of the “outer” revolutions

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Synthesis Enters the Thaw

As the yoga centers in Greece emerge from a long lockdown frozen sleep, this poster at our base in Athens, Synthesis Center, remains as one of the last big pre-COVID

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Explosive Diarrhea Zen

People have asked several times on this blog about the possibility of eating pine needles during a long solo meditation retreat. “What is the benefit in doing this?” “Does it

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Winter Hae Jae Day 2021

Today, the first full moon of the Lunar New Year, is the traditional end of the 90-day Winter Kyol Che retreat. At meditation and sutra halls all over Korea, and

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