Category: On Solitude

The Bad Taste

Thank Allah, this kind of “bad taste” seldom afflicted my teaching activity, and so it has been possible to preserve the widest possible space for conveying the practice of meditation

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Monking in the Digital Age

I ordained in 1992. Facebook was still 12 years away; social media did not exist yet. Google and YouTube were not yet even a glint in someone’s dystopian fever-dream. So,

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Even the Birds Get It

Coronavirus, for whatever its suffering and tragedy, its vast economic devastation and physical alienation from each others’ touch, at least it has given us silence. It is one of the

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On Solitude

You can’t not love this collaboration between the wisdom of Emil Cioran and the skill of my good friend, Pablo “Yorae” Rodas, our former Kitchenmaster at the Zen Center Regensburg.

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