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Shawshank Zen (1)

Exactly twelve years ago today — the date-stamp on this photo reveals — concluded one year of training at the end of the Winter Kyol Che at Bong Am Sah

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OKwang Sunim Teaching on Zen

A simple, clear, elegant video presentation of my elder Dharma brother OKwang Sunim’s basic presentation of “What is Zen?” He spent many, many years practicing intensely in jungles of Southeast

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Thanks for Your Support

It’s hard for everyone during this Age of Covid. Businesses and families are struggling terribly. So much suffering. In the last few days, I have the thought has occurred, more

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The Tongue Really Has No Bone

Some years ago, a London filmmaker/graphics designer extraordinaire, Jayoon Choi, of times 3 London, made a short documentary-treatment of the practicing life in our Zen Center. As part of it,

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Pay Your Own Way

This cartoon in a major Buddhist newspaper in Korea points to a problem facing the Chogye Order: While soldiers and priests are provided with clothing and basic necessities in exchange

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