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A Visit from Heck

A strange, unexpected visitor has just passed through the Zen Center. What a weird “visit” it was, more an intrusion, of a desperate soul flailing as it struggles to wake

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One gets used to it. The sleeping is better. It’s a new discipline. Makes the mantra, rolling into sleep, roll only flowing through the nose.

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Original Face

I was instructed today to get a skin treatment for my face, in advance of our upcoming two days of filming for the online courses. I haven’t had one of

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A Living Hotei

Getting the vaccine online, in large part, to connect again with this man, a living embodiment of Hotei, the proto-Chinese emblem of wisdom, mirth, playfulness, and generosity. Just secured my

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Personal Altar

Sometimes people ask about having a home-altar: Should there always be a Buddha or a Jesus? What kinds of pictures are appropriate or not? What if I want to have

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