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Good-Situation Country

One of the most interesting aspects of Dae Soen Sa Nim’s transmission of his Dharma to the West since 1972 is the fact that he never produced any home-leaving monastics

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The New Small Kasa

At his last visit to Zen Center Regensburg, two years ago, Dae Bong Sunim decided to try a new Five Precepts “small kasa” on for size. Very very very special

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The Changing Path 3 — Together-Action

How it was imagined: (pre-monk idea) — Committed to solitary practice in forlorn mountain valleys, “together-action” would consist of receiving offerings exchanged through an infrequent visit by disciples to the

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The Changing Path 2 — Teaching

What was imagined “teaching” would be: (pre-monk idea) — Mellow exchanges about the Dharma, one-to-one dialogue, intimate sharing in a natural meeting. What it became: (post-monk reality) — Disciple of

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The Changing Path 1 — Practicing

What was imagined “hard-practice” would be: (pre-monk idea) — Solitary bliss communing unmediated in the Absolute; What “hard practice” became: (post-monk reality) — The sole Westerner in a massive gathering

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My Standard M.O.

Don’t give up, brother. The old Zen adage, “Make friends with your demons”, could be adapted and deployed quite profitably in this situation.

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