Category: Don’t-Know Mind

Popeye’s Great Doubt

There are really two strong paths to self-awareness: Or looking in: One of these paths to self-knowledge can be done without the other; but one of these paths should not

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Even Older…

I love to share and re-share and re-share this graphic marrying an extraordinary insight of truth by one of my favorite writers, the Romanian existentialist, E. M. Cioran, and my

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“What Am I?”

A teaching from one of my favorite Zen teachers of all time — Hakuin Ekaku: [ from Wikipedia: ] Hakuin Ekaku (白隠 慧鶴, January 19, 1686 – January 18, 1769) was one

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I often tell people, when they leave an intensive retreat and return to their regular life: “Now the retreat begins. The ‘real’ retreat begins when the formal retreat ends.“ A

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