Category: Climate Crisis

The Wasteland

A typical European car is parked 92% of the time. It spends 1/5th of its driving time looking for parking. Its 5 seats only move 1.5 people. 86% of its

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The True Coronavirus, True Cancer

[ Written in February 2020, at the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic.] Today, February 5, is International Cancer Day. My Mother passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2013, and

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It might not be possible to be a 100% faithful vegetarian. It may not be possible to have the pure militant intensity of a vegan. But we can at least

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Real Tweets

Recent fascinating scientific investigations reported in the renowned magazine Science reveal that songbirds are adapting to the reduced noise of the lockdown period by modifying their sounds. Due to a

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My Carbon Sins

It’s really going to require a massive leap of imagination and — most importantly — steely will to address the fundamentals of what make this climate crisis such an appalling

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