First Moon

Yesterday was the first full moon of the year, pictured here rising last night over the symbolic seat of Western enlightenment-culture. This means that there is exactly one more “moon” remaining in this Kyol Che, since this annual three-month retreat, by ancient tradition, ends on the first full moon of the lunar calendar. Just one more moon of this wonderful opportunity.

I will be so grateful for the next possible opportunity to sit together in Zen silence with my beloved family in Greece. Thankfully, we’ve had the especially good fortune to work with a team of supremely-talented, big-hearted Athenians helping to build the forthcoming meditation app. So that means I can probably sneak in another “below-the-radar” visit to Athens as soon as the Kyol Che is finished here, to move this project forward with intensive effort after so much delay.

O Gods, can we please have the tavernas open in March? What sweet libations (spondȇ) can be poured out to make this happen?

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