Can be sudden; can be gradual. Don’t “wait,” nor “expect,” nor “name,” nor “touch.” It’s already here. You just don’t see that part yet. Really, only don’t know. That’s how you go. One day, something “new” emerges that has already always been so familiar. It’s sometimes described as waking up. Regular, consistent practice strengthens your connection to “it”, your stability in “it.“ Then the only real lifelong work that remains is integrating this wakefulness into the thicket of habit-formation which you have clung to for your whole life, possibly even for millennia. That is the only tricky part. Anyway, “sudden“ and then “gradual” have their meaning in this.

“How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction” — Gabor Maté

A deceptively simple explanation of a gnarly subject that is a hard reality for so many people around me. It is an ever-present danger for me, too, due to my own early childhood.

I seem to be gradually moving (or “evolving“, if that’s the appropriate term for it!) toward greater public expression for this lifelong struggle.

Finding this short video today was certainly impactful.

Chanting the “Heart Sutra” in Belgrade

Just discovered this video that someone uploaded on YouTube – – chanting the Korean “Heart Sutra“ on stage at a famous old theater in downtown Belgrade before an audience of several hundred before giving a public Dharma talk. An interesting little artifact of the work we were doing together in Serbia during the first years of the Zen Center Regensburg.