The 89%


Well, when they are statistics coming from the Pew Research Center, they definitely can’t be easily ignored. And perhaps all of the ancient foundations of world civilisation emanating largely from that ground could give reason for this sort of thinking.

However, what is truly astounding about these statistics is the 36% for France. That is definitely not something that jibes with my lived experience there (over a year of life, and not as a tourist but actually working there). It would be a real head-scratcher to imagine only a little more than 1 in 3 French people not believing that their culture is superior to others. I got lectured on that topic on a bi-weekly basis. I mean, the French being less self-confident about the superiority of their culture than the Irish? I would truly be interested in the timeframe of this survey.

2020: A Review


Now this is what it’s like when you don’t practice meditation in a world of pain where nothing is in control except an invisible virus.

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All-Night Meditation at Zen Center Regensburg, New Year’s 2019/’20


It seems like 5 years ago already that we were advertising this ad that Pablo and I designed together on a train rocketing down to give a Dharma talk at the Peace Pagoda in Austria.

And who could have foreseen, then, that the next Kyol Che — nay, the whole next year — would essentially be cancelled and emptied of all plans and works?

Time and space — everything but everything is created by mind alone.

This New Year’s Eve, it will be an all-night sitting of just two, following the local lockdown laws.