My Two Superstar Geek-Bodhisattvas

Curating this blog, and running a thrice-daily Zen livestream, and managing two websites which are the stable homes for these teachings and musings, it’s really essential to have people nearby with strong tech experience. The gods have blessed me with two: N and Y. A Korean and a native Bavarian. (In typical hacker fashion, they eschew exposure of their names on the very Internet they have been trained to understand. Neither one has any social media account profile, and they both completely unhooked from Google and related search engines of surveillance capitalism. It kind of makes you wonder: If the mechanics and engineers won’t dare fly a certain set of the planes they are trained to repair, are the rest of us really sure of what we are enmeshing our lives in?)

Better than that, N. and Y. are two of the sincerest and most dedicated meditation practitioners I have cultivated here in these years in Bavaria. And they are like family to me, and to each other. Two people I would definitely — easily — give one of my kidneys for, if need be. (In N.’s case, it would probably require a healthy lung for his asthmatic set.)

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