Right Here, Right Now /// [video]

RocknRolla: A visionary treatment of my “What is Zen?” video by the distinguished British genre-polyglot multi-artist — motown mods 69 skin liquidator dubbed 80s afropop tabu ley electro underworld house — named Chris Taylor, known professionally as Arman Ray.

What a fantastic way to convey the Dharma. Please play its Dharma loud.

Arman Ray is a lifelong student of Soto Zen (first Jukai: 1993) and sangha member of Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in the UK. His Roshi was the esteemed Zen Master Jiyu Kennett, former guestmaster of Chisan Koho Zenji at Eihiji Monastery in Japan. Arman Ray has thus far collaborated with a French CGI artist for an accompanying-track video and came across my “What is Zen” video (which was filmed by the legendary fashion photographer 김용호 of Seoul). He asked if I would permit this teaching-video to be used in his project, and I granted permission after seeing his other excellent visionary works. The track/video will be one of ten (including one on “The Ten Oxherding Pictures,” titled “Footprints”) and will be performance-showcased at The Asylum Art Gallery in the West Midlands, UK next year.

Check out the other stunning visions on his website: https://www.armanraymusic.co.uk e: [email protected] t: +44/07967 558967 Gassho to Arman Ray for his vision and his Great Vows. Let’s save all beings from suffering together saving ourselves from suffering in/from this ocean that has no way-out.

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